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En Español

¡Quien sabe dos lenguasvale por dos!

I’m not sure who should be credited for this saying, but I really like it.  Although it’s not difficult to translate, it does lose something when translated.  There are certain things that just make greater sense when they are communicated authentically in the language the author wrote them in.

We are advocates for multilingualism and actively promote learning in both languages by providing authentic literature resources for all teachers and students of the Spanish language regardless of their proficiency or age.

He who speaks two languages is worth that of two!

No tengo idea de quien inventó este dicho, ¡pero me encanta!  La verdad no es difícil de traducir, pero el resultado nunca es el mismo.  Hay ciertas cosas que simplemente hacen más sentido cuando las leemos en el idioma original en que fueron escritas.

Apoyamos el multilingüismo y creemos en el aprendizaje de las dos lenguas. Ofrecemos recursos auténticos para el maestro y para alumnos de todas las edades y niveles de comprensión.

Technology; E-Books and more!

At Werling Nexus, We believe in the quality of the content over the method of delivery!  Basically, we want to first provide great materials and second discuss via which medium. With that said, we are proud to carry a variety of electronic resources from E-books to comprehensive web based programs.

We have a lot of direct experience working on outside of the box digital solutions.  We understand that every need is different and customization is required.  Contact one of us, and we will help you find exactly what you need and want.

  • “Kevin embraces a deep understanding of effective instructional practices and he shares this gift with the Texas educators in partnering with them on solutions focused on student success! Kevin is thoughtful, thorough and dedicated in his approach when collaborating with educators to identify the resources needed to be successful in their practice."

    - Kimberley K. Smith, M.Ed. -

    Western Regional Vice President of Sales at Capstone Classroom

  • “Kevin truly cares and  wants to help serve your district or school the best way possible.”

    – Gregory M. Wright – Instructional Materials Coordinator Leander ISD

  • “Kevin’s bilingualism and his knowledge of the Hispanic culture are invaluable. Kevin is a huge part of Santillana’s success in Texas.”

     – Arturo Castillon –  National Sales Director Santillana USA

  • Having been a teacher, he has an educator’s view of the materials and publishers he represents. This sets him apart from others.

    – Henry Palmeter, M.ED, MRT – District ELA Instructional Specialist Area 2 Elementary Schools

Empowering You

Werling Nexus is a K-12 educational resources provider serving specific regions of Texas; offering sales consulting and support on behalf of the companies we represent above.

As parents and teachers, we don’t recommend anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves or desire for our own children to be exposed to.

Pedagogically speaking, we are all about authentic teaching and learning, and the belief that the human resource in the classroom is what makes the biggest difference!

Our job is to empower that teacher by providing the necessary tools to maximize teaching and learning efforts.

We promise to listen to your specific needs, budget, and timeline – And then plan accordingly.

We live and work in your backyard. Thank you for what you do for our kids, for our future.


noun [nex·us ˈnek-səs]
1.  A connection or series of connections linking
two or more things.

“the nexus between my team,
educators and publishing companies”

About Us

Kevin Werling


kevin {at}

I aspire to serve others by partnering with educational publishers that are dedicated to collaborating with students, educators and academics to create innovative and effective teaching tools. I like to think of myself as a bridge connecting the two.  As such, I strive to keep one foot in each at all times.  As a parent and former educator, it is paramount that I only professionally align myself with companies that produce the very best! If I wouldn’t use it in the classroom or desire that my children’s teacher use it-I do not represent it!

I am very proud of the companies I currently work with and the professionals on my team!

Languages: English and Spanish

Things that I cherish: My faith, my family, good food and the San Antonio Spurs!

Nancy Herrera

Educational Consultant

nancy {at}

Thirteen years ago, my adventure as an educator began. Ever since I have had great passion for children's literature. After four years of teaching I pursued my masters as a Literacy Specialist.

Since then my goal has been that every child has the opportunity to read, not only to read because the don't have a choice, but to learn to read for a passion and to enjoy all the adventures, learning and all the places they can travel to through literature.

I am grateful for the opportunity given by Werling Nexus to be a part of great educational publishers who are passionate about students learning, and the growth of educators.

"The More That You READ, The More Things you will Know. The More That You Learn The More Places You Will Go"

- Dr. Seuss

Amber Thompson-Adams

Educational Consultant

amber {at}

As a former bilingual teacher and district level administrator, I am so thankful for the opportunity to partner with such an amazing group at Werling Nexus. I loved my time in the classroom with my amazing bilingual students and families, but I felt called to serve them on an even bigger scale. I decided to pursue my Ph.D. in Adult, Professional, and Community Education so that I could collaborate with teachers and administrators who share my passion for working with ELLs and celebrating their successes.

My work from the classroom, district level, and the educational technology space would not have been possible without my support system. Daily I celebrate my faith and my family, especially my children and husband, and credit them for a happy heart!



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